Dear Shoestring City Ranch Volunteers,

It is with deep sadness that I have to announce that Shoestring City Ranch will no longer be a part of the Lakewood Equestrian Center. After trying to negotiate some accommodations with the City and their unwillingness to work with us, our hands are tied, and we can no longer afford to provide our program to the City. We will continue to service the communities we are involved with and bring equality and inclusion to the equestrian community despite financial disadvantage. It is heart wrenching that these services will no longer be available at the Lakewood Equestrian Center, where we have built a community. 

Thank you for all who have donated their time, money and resources to make Shoestring such a warm and loving place for all of these years. Shoestring will be continuing at our Ranch in Phelan and we invite all of you to join us there. 

Shoestring City Ranch – Phelan Facebook Page

Shoestring City Ranch- Big Bear

Happy Trails!

Karen Thompson