As a small non-profit we are often overlooked by grants and other funds provided by large corporations so we rely 100% on the contributions from people like yourself to take care of the horses. Procured funds from Sponsorship and Donations are the only way to help keep the low cost of the Kid’s Program running and ensure the horses are well taken care of. Below is a link to our PayPal and other ways you can help. No amount is ever too small, every little bit truly counts! And we appreciate whatever you are willing to give. Those who donate more than $150 in funds or product in turn will receive a one hour riding lesson or meet and greet in return for their generous donation. Click the links below to donate today and make a horse happy! *All donations and sponsorships are tax deductible and we would be happy to send you an invoice for your contribution.

DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL -funds through PayPal Giving Fund help us pay for vaccinations, teeth and hoof cleaning, injections and medicines, transportation and vet visits.

You can also send your donation to Shoestring City Ranch, P.O. Box 92318, Long Beach, CA, 90809.

PURCHASE A SHIRT – Purchase one of our Shoestring City Ranch shirts or sweaters to show your support for our organization! Shirt proceeds go to the horse’s feed and veterinary costs so each purchase is truly helpful, and there are several lovely designs to choose from! Our “Hay For Horses” shirt is particularly helpful in spreading the word!

Purchase a bale of hay– We are in dire need of funds to ensure our horses stay fed, healthy, and safe. Please consider making a donation to cover the cost of a bale of hay. Thank you! 

JOIN OUR SHOESTRING CITY RANCH FAMILY – Consider joining our SCR family by becoming a monthly donor! All proceeds go to the horses and sustaining our Kid’s Program. and for medical supplies such as de-worming products, and monthly vitamins. Donations for vaccinations, vet care, the farrier, and dentistry.

We also currently need tires for the trailer, blankets, and day sheets.

*we accept any and all used/new tack