Horses for Adoption

We currently have horses and other animals up for adoption that are looking for their forever homes!


Meet Rowe, a seasoned gelding in his 20s, who is very sweet and loving. Following his owner’s passing, Rowe was cared for by his owner’s children but they could not keep him. He boasts excellent manners, loads easily, ties well, and stands calmly for baths and the farrier. Rowe is great on the trail but does requires front shoes. Despite his age, Rowe is still full of vitality and is eager to find a new loving home.

This cutie is Marley and is around 13 years old. She is being fostered currently. She requires training and needs a loving home.

Chili Bean
Chili Bean under saddle

This handsome mule is seeking a new home filled with love and care. While not suitable for beginners, he is well-trained in loading, tying, and handling by the farrier. Windy days may pose a challenge. With a smooth ride and standing at 14’2 hands tall, this gelding does Western spins and side passes, and is ok with the company of other horses.

Although he has a tendency to get bored easily, he thrives with interactive toys and sustains himself on a diet of Bermuda hay and fresh air. His ideal forever home would offer him companionship and the opportunity to indulge in his favorite pastime—listening to people read, especially children’s stories and songs.

June Bug

“Meet June Bug, a delightful young Jenny, born three years ago in June. Following the passing of her owner, June Bug finds herself in need of a new home. While she hasn’t undergone formal training, she possesses a gentle demeanor and enjoys grazing in open pastures. Despite her lack of handling, which was limited due to her owner’s illness following her birth, June Bug’s endearing personality makes her a joy to be around.

With her striking white coloring, it’s important for June Bug to reside in a cool, shaded area to protect her sensitive skin. Despite this need, her beauty, playful nature, and hearty appetite make her ready to bring joy to a new family.”


Ivy, a jenny, finds herself in need of a new home after her owner’s passing. Ivy is susceptible to sunburn and requires cool, shaded area to protect her sensitive skin. Ivy is ready to bring her unique charm and companionship to a caring family.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact our founder Karen Thompson by phone (562-818-7930) or email – please indicate ‘SCR Adoption Info Request’ in subject line.

Thank you!

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